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L. A. James, creator and founder of WAAZUU! Bar B. Q.Sauces, has been developing and refining his sauces since the early 1990’s. He started by doctoring up other barbecue sauces by adding his own ingredients. His son Nicholas challenged him to make his own saying, “You’re not really making your own sauce! You’re using someone else’s !” L.A. took his first experiments to a food scientist who said, “You can make this sauce better, why is all this stuff in here?” Further challenged, L.A has developed natural products eliminating non-essential artificial ingredients.

First there was only a basic hot barbecue sauce. From tasting many sauces L. A. expanded his sauce line and added unique combinations along the lines of a vintner. The sauces have a distinct taste, perhaps best described as melodic. They kind of make you say, “Hmmm!”, with every bite. With each taste a new flavor comes through.

L. A. envisions his sauces as “barbecue enforcement sauces”. This means you don’t have to know how to barbecue or grill if you use these sauces. Just add them to your dish after it is cooked. The flavors are dynamic, and will really add a “kick”.